Joyce Vogel, CPM, LDEM

Libby MT

406 291 3292


Charity Catlin, LM, CPM

Naples, Idaho
(208) 627-8096

Julia Weaver, LM

Plains, MT

406 529 8973



Marcy Kuntz, LDEM

Kalispell, MT
406 261 8482


Fern Creek Midwives

Carrie Corbett and Heather Holman are licensed midwives located in Kalispell serving families within a 2 hour radius.  Carrie and Heather are licensed in good standing by the state of Montana via the Alternative Health Care Board.  They are certified in Neonatal Resuscitation, as well as CPR for healthcare professionals.  Both earned degrees in Midwifery Science from The Midwives College of Utah. 
arrie and Heather work in partnership to provide comprehensive, individualized care for  women in the Flathead Valley and surrounding areas.  Their goal is to work closely with women and families, guiding them through the many choices of the childbearing year.  Their combined experience in the midwifery field includes around 500 births, beginning in their apprenticeship and continuing in the present day.  They work closely with multiple care providers in the community as needed, and are comfortable referring to and consulting with the provider of your choosing should the need arise.


Sheehan Ednie-Rosen LM, CPM, LMT

Bitterroot Valley, MT and Salmon, ID:
Complete Midwifery Care, including Waterbirth and VBAC
Women's Wellness Coaching
Zero Balancing, Pre and Perinatal Massage


Marianne Fieweger-Donch, LM, CLC

Bozeman, MT

406 570 4359




April Mellito, LM, CLC

Belgrade, MT

406 570 3083


Mountain Midwives:  Pat Schwaiger, Billings, Montana

Pat Schwaiger is a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Professional Midwife.  Delivering babies since 1982, she is licensed as a midwife in both Montana and Wyoming.  She is a home birth mother herself, with four grown children, and five grandchildren.  She serves as a clinical preceptor for the National College of Midwifery and for the Midwifery College of Utah. Appointed by the Governor of Wyoming in 2010, Pat currently presides as Chairperson for the Wyoming State Board of Midwifery.
The Mountain Midwives' practice serves Billings and all communities within a two-hour radius. This includes a wide area of northeastern Wyoming.  We specialize in home birth, but also offer a birthing suite called "The Stork's Nest" for families who live too remotely, or for those whose homes are not suited for a safe delivery.  The Mountain Midwives' prenatal clinic and the adjacent Stork's Nest are located on the corner of Central Ave and 36th Street West.
Education is a main focus of this practice:

  • Our prenatal appointments are informative, face-to-face, and scheduled to allow for plenty of time. Pregnant moms crave information, not pickles. Mountain Midwives honor this truth. 

  • We offer a weekend couple's retreat, four times a year, at Rock Creek Resort in Red Lodge, for pregnant women and their partners who are planning home births.  This is the venue of our Childbirth Class.  Expectant parents will enjoy two full days of comprehensive learning, amazing food, and sweet connections with other like-minded couples who desire a healthy alternative in birthing their babies.  The class, meals and lodging are free for established clients of Mountain Midwives. 

  • We also provide a yearly Doula Training and Certification for women who want to truly serve other women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Our Certified Doulas are welcomed by the local hospitals, as well as at many home births which they attend.

  • With a dream of "planting" new midwives across Montana and Wyoming, Pat continues to train apprentice midwives enrolled in her state-approved curriculum. She is extremely proud of the graduates of the Mountain Midwives' School, who are now licensed and catching yet another generation of babies.

For more information, call 406-652-8900 or visit our website at 

Birthing Traditions Midwifery: Melanie Lennon, LM

Powell, WY

307 202 2386