Midwifery apprenticeship in Montana requires licensure.  

Here are some suggestions when you wish to apply.

Step 1 – Go to the web site and print off your application.  Complete all of the requirements listed in the application before you submit.  These include:

  • Choose your educational route 
  • Find a supervisor and have them fill out MW-Form 3 (included in the application)
  • Certify in CPR for Healthcare Professionals, and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program)
  • Prepare a curriculum outline or method of academic learning that meets the boards education requirements (MW-Form 1 in application)

Step 2 – Submit your packet at least one month before the next scheduled meeting, this allows you time to revise if needed.  We recommend that you contact the boards secretary (406-841-2331) to find out if your packet is complete.

About 3 weeks after the meeting, you will receive a letter and a license numberin the mail if your packet was reviewed and approved.  

*NOTE* Apprentice licenses have four available renewals.  This means that you have 5 years to complete your apprenticeship and training.  The deadline for application is April 30th however, if you apply AFTER this deadline you will NOT have to renew the following April, essentially giving you almost one extra year of available apprenticeship time.